Zero code

Create Games without Coding

Create games the visual way, without coding! GameComposer is a game creation system helping you to focus on what is really important: fun and gameplay, not technology.

HTML5 and Android platforms

Deploy to HTML5 and Android

GameComposer games can be deployed to today available platforms. HTML5, Android and others.

Have fun

Have fun

GameComposer is designed to support users with different level of experience. From beginner to professional, with GameComposer everyone can create a game in a minimum amount of time.

A modern Game Authoring System. Running on Windows, Unix and Mac platforms.

Developed with Java and based on JavaFX. The GameComposer IDE is the visual tool for cross platform game creation.

Game authoring IDE

High performance game engine

High Performance Game Engine. Ready for the Web and Mobile Devices. True Cross Platform!

The GameComposer game engine is designed for high performance and extensibility. It has a flexible rule engine, support for physics, animations and all other cool stuff. No coding required!

It is free. And Open Source.

No hidden fees and no vendor lockin. GameComposer is just free software. Get the sources and see for yourself!

Open source software